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4 Day Course
I have just last week finshed a 4 day training course with Dave and can only echo the previous comments. Dave is a brilliant teacher. His knowledge appears to be never ending. His relaxed teaching style puts you at ease and he makes you have faith in yourself. He will point you in the direction you want to go and will give you the relevant skills to get there. His promise of ongoing supports an added bonus.
I would fully recommend Dave's course to any budding locksmith.
Posted by Alan Arnold on 16 November 2018
Locksmith training
Ive just done a 4 day course last week with Dave and was extremely impressed with his level of knowledge of locksmithing and willingness to share it. The things i learnt on the course was superb as was the training. I am now starting on the road to a new career because of Daves training and the promise of on going help is a great comfort going forwards. Many thanks Dave
Posted by Matt Wood on 06 November 2018
training course
Wow what can I say. I was sent on the training course by the company i work for, NORTH WALES HOUSING. I was the first of 8 lads and i must say was just amazed.
I learnt so much of Dave, right from the start of the course through to the end of the course, Dave built up my confidence to be a good locksmith and has plenty of time to show you the tricks of the trade. I can’t thank Dave enough for the training. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone for training. I will be keeping in contact with Dave I’m sure I will need more advice in the future .arwyn
Posted by Arwyn on 04 October 2018
Review training
Just finished my 4 day course on Thursday with Dave, top man learnt alot with fantastic tips and hints to get you out of trouble if anything does go wrong when your doing a job. It's true what he says the more options you have in your tool bag, the more chances you have to gaining access to any premises, and he has shown me a lot of options. I will be staying in touch as it's always good to have a master at the job to guide you in case you find yourself stuck. Thanks again mate.
Posted by Jordon on 24 September 2018
review on trainiing
Completed a locksmith training course with Dave. Couldnt be more impressed how the level of training and workshop was set up .
Dave has a vast knowledge of locksmith work either timber or upvc ,the level of training i received was second to none and with it being one to one training a lot more can be learnt with any questions which are freely answered .

The workshop is fully stocked with all the latest tools that are required on the jobs and these can be used on the training ,the amount of locks he has are mind blowing
Thanks again Dave for your time spent with me
Posted by paul sanders on 20 September 2018
Feed back
Posted on 15 September 2018
4 day course
Posted on 15 September 2018
Mind blowing lock training...
Posted on 07 September 2018
great 4 day training
Posted on 04 September 2018
Unbelievable Course!
Posted on 24 August 2018
Great Training
Posted on 23 August 2018
4 day locksmith course
Posted on 10 May 2018
No Title
Posted on 03 May 2018
Posted on 17 April 2018
Locksmith course
Posted on 12 March 2018
Locksmith training
Posted on 04 March 2018
2 Day locksmith Course
Posted on 06 February 2018
4 day locksmith Course
Posted on 25 January 2018
4 day course
Posted on 17 November 2017
4 Day Training Course
Posted on 27 October 2017
4 day course
Posted on 12 September 2017
4 day locksmith course
Posted on 26 August 2017
Posted on 18 August 2017
Posted on 31 July 2017
Four Day Course
Posted on 13 July 2017
Posted on 05 June 2017
4 day course
Posted on 26 May 2017
4 Day Lock Training Course
Posted on 12 May 2017
4 Day Locksmith coarse
Posted on 18 April 2017
4 day lock smith course.
Posted on 28 February 2017
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