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Four Day Course
I Completed the four day course with Dave a few days ago, which was one to one. After being on a course several years ago run by a large and well known training company, which had a large number attendees and was hard to learn as a vast level of abilities on the course, Dave is right when he says on his website, that one to one is the best way to learn. I wish i,d saved my cash and done my initial training with Dave. Dave is very knowledgeable and is more than happy to share his secrets with you and his tools he makes his self are superb and work much better than mass manufactured ones, which makes life so much easier, and he makes you some to takeaway for free!
Would recommend the course and Dave to anyone, and if he lived closer I would not hesitate in popping in and picking his brains for new tricks.
Posted by Phil Hodgson on 13 July 2017
I have just completed a 4 day training course with Dave, wanting to start out on my own as a locksmith but with no prior experience i was a bit anxious, after 4 days with Dave i am confident i can make a real go of this. As for Dave,s training and advice i cant praise him highly enough, the guy really knows his stuff, if locksmithing is for you then i highly recommend this 4 day course. Also knowing that he is always there for me if i need him for advice is very reassuring. Thanks for everything Dave.

Cheers Rob.
Posted by Rob Bandtock on 05 June 2017
4 day course
With very little locksmithing knowledge,i attended a 4 day course with Dave. I was a little apprehensive at first as I didn't really know what to expect. Dave immediately put me at ease and explained everything in a way that was easy for me to understand.
Dave's knowledge & skills are exceptional, but he is the first to admit that some locks can still infuriate & annoy even the most experienced locksmith - sound advice, keep calm, be patient, it will open, remember the 3 p,s , Dave will explain what they are , but rememeber them and what Dave says and you wont go far wrong.
Certainly value for money & the one to one instruction is brilliant.
Thanks for the course Dave, enjoy the coffee!
Posted by Peter Elliott on 26 May 2017
4 Day Lock Training Course
What more can I say.................

Top guy, Top locksmith course. Thoroughly informative training course. I would highly recommend anyone interested in becoming a Locksmith to go on one of Daves courses. i enjoyed it so much, i went in with very little knowledge of locksmithing and after the 4 days i had enough confidence to go and open / gain entry to locks on my own.
Thanks again Dave and i,ll pop in for a cuppa and a bit of a refresher when next passing.

Cheers Pete
Posted by Peter on 12 May 2017
4 Day Locksmith coarse
I Did 4 day locksmith coarse with dave on the 4th-5th-6th and 7th April, I was anxious as i had not done anything on locksmithing before. From the off Dave makes you feel very much at ease.. Dave sets out his detailed aspects of lock picking and it was very knowledgable. When the course finished he had given me more than enough to be confident to take on locksmithing. I will keep practising as its like a bug. thanks so much for a very enjoyable experience, ive been on lots of courses before being a joiner you do, but none was as good as this , cheers Dave.
Posted by Pat Mullin on 18 April 2017
4 day lock smith course.
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4 day course
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4 Day Locksmith Training Course
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