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Just finished my 4 day training course with Dave. This course was really enjoyable and insightful Dave is a master locksmith with years and years of experience, which he passes onto the trainee and he is a really great guy. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot , i am now so much more confident to go out in my new career, knowing that i have Dave at the end of the phone to help me should i need it , thanks so much Dave it was brilliant 👍🏼
Posted by Kenneth Case on 12 August 2019
Training course
Ive Just had a great 4 days learning how to be a locksmith with Dave. So thank you very much for all the training you gave me. You do a fab job with the 1 to 1 its definitely the best way to learn, i couldnt of learnt so much in a group of people. I’ve got the know how now to be a locksmith ive got some of the tools to start up given to me as part of the course and plenty of help if needed from Dave, thank you again Dave
Posted by Keith Christian on 12 July 2019
4 day intense course
Recently i finished my 4 day with locksmith training training course with Dave. Excellent value for money gives many different options on how to open all the various locks thats out there which was really helpful. Dave is always at hand for when needed as well. I really like the information pack that come with course that will prove to be invaluable in the future , when im out on jobs. I finished course a good few weeks ago and Dave is always at hand to allow me to come back and practice . His knowledge of locks and locksmithing is priceless. Many thanks for the best training course ive ever been on, i loved every minute and learnt so much, looking forward to my first job now. Cheers Ryan.
Posted by Ryan Mulcahy on 02 July 2019
locksmith course
A big thank you for a great, well managed and exceptionally presented course.
Your knowledge and practical experience are only matched by your by your welcoming and supportive personality,
I cant thank you enough, and I look forward to finding a challenge going lock for you in the near future..
We covered a lot over the 4 days,
and it was very enjoyable, i learnt a lot
Many thanks.
Posted by paul on 18 June 2019
4 Day Course
Well I've just finished my 4 Day locksmith course with Dave.
From day 1 Dave was great, friendly, knowledgeable and a very experienced locksmith
He was able to guide me through the various methods of non destructive entry with various tools, some old school as well as the latest tools
As well as his vast knowledge of locks he also gave me great advice on his experiences on his life as a working locksmith which will be priceless in the future, all in all an excellent training course was given by Dave and I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anybody who was looking to enter this type of work.

I will be looking forward to catching up and improving my skills in the near future with Dave
Posted by Gary Mcadam on 06 May 2019
4 day locksmith course
Posted on 09 April 2019
Locksmith Training
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4 day locksmith course
Posted on 08 March 2019
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Four Day Course
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4 Day Training Course
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locksmith course
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4 Day Course
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Locksmith training
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training course
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Feed back
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4 day course
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Mind blowing lock training...
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great 4 day training
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Unbelievable Course!
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Great Training
Posted on 23 August 2018
4 day locksmith course
Posted on 10 May 2018
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Locksmith course
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Locksmith training
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2 Day locksmith Course
Posted on 06 February 2018
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