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Fantastic four days!
I can honestly say I really enjoyed this training. Dave is an easy going teacher who is patient and is great at explaining when you don’t really quite understand things.
I can’t believe the great training I’ve had which have shown locksmith hacks that have taken years to perfect and yet are shown to you whilst on this course. It’s amazing to think how quick you can gain access if you know how.
Dave makes it clear that he understands its not easy to remember everything we have covered in the four days and warmly tells you that you can come back and get some re-training for free as much as you feel you may need until you feel confident.
He also gives you a pack that basically is a run through of how to start up in this industry, who to contact to get started in the locksmith industry etc.
I wish I had done this years ago as I have found myself enjoying this so much, it’s become a hobby as well as an education.
Oh also Dave gives you free tools and you have a laugh with him whilst your training. thank you Dave for putting up with me and teaching me in the process.
Posted by Andrew Partington on 02 July 2020
4 day intensive course
Just completed this 4 day intensive course.
Not just completed it but passed it.
I cannot thank Dave enough.
So much knowledge, and willing to share it. Unlike others. ( the ones who say , ar if you needed to know you would know, sort of thing).
Intensive, yes, but, had laugh or three.
I am surprised by how much I have learned from Dave this week.
I did not think all this could be covered, not in the time frame but it was. Not hurried or rushed either.
Now its practice practice practice practice. Then another course, more learning. If you want the training, here is a great place to get it.
I was asked on a Facebook group , is it worth the money. The answer is , oh yes most definitely. You come away with knowledge, improved skills, tools Dave makes himself. And I think, yes a new friend. Definitely worth the price.

Posted by Peter Woodfine on 19 March 2020
3 day updating skills course
Just attended 3 day course with Dave to update my skill set After going on a locksmith training course in yorkshire last year with a well known training company, well i wish id of saved my money and gone with Dave in the first instance instead of spending £2500 , i could of saved over half the money i spent with the other company, and i got a tool kit from Dave which i didnt get of the other training company, i learnt more in the first day then i did in the 5 days with the other company, well you live and learn. Daves a Very skilled & knowledgeable locksmith,and he passes all the knowledge over to you on the training course, best of all its 1 to 1 not stuck in a classroom with 6 others. Dave also offered me the chance to call back anytime to work on my lockpicking skills, If you're interested in one to one locksmith course this is the one to choose.thanks Dave
Posted by richard gizzi on 17 March 2020
4 Day Course
I have just done a 4 day course with Dave and it was fantastic and so was Dave, I have learnt so much and didn't think I would. His knowledge is second to none and the 1 TO 1 training is great and I would say MUCH MUCH BETTER than a GROUP. Dave cant do enough for you and helps in what ever way he can and also the fact he gives you his details to help if needed after the course is amazing. I would recommend this course to anyone. Thanks again Dave
Posted by Karl Darwin on 08 March 2020
4-day locksmith course
Hi everybody had a 4-day course with Dave the man is a genius from start to finish of my course I couldn't believe the knowledge that I learnt just in the 4 days anything is possible with the right trainer and the right knowledge I definitely got all of that on the course and I would definitely do it all again there's no pressure whatsoever he makes you feel at home I'm very welcome he makes you a cup of tea when ever you want,he is a great person and my confidence level is quite high now thanks to Dave even tells you how to get work and what tools to buy and everything else you need to know about the industry locksmithing can benefit you with a good career locksmithing can benefit you in other ways just say a friend or family member fell over in their house and you was the only person around but you didn't have a spare key because of your knowledge you are available to get in and help them that's my opinion of how beneficial it can be but with no hesitation book a course with Dave it's well worth the money and you will come out at the end of it it was not just knowledge but with a lot of confidence and you will feel good about yourself as well and it's such a achievement knowing what you have achieved so once again thank you so much Dave for a great experience and hope to to train with you again in the future many thanks Dave
Posted by wesley young on 24 February 2020
Posted on 17 February 2020
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