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Training Course Review
Hi folks, I can highly recommend Locksmith Training Merseyside
After meeting Dave and seeing his setup I instantly knew that he knows his trade and his knowledge and experience alone would be invaluable to myself. I had no experience so I opted for the 4 day course.
On first arriving I was slightly nervous and anxious as to whether i would be able to pick locks or be competent enough to complete the course. These worries were quickly dispelled as Dave had me handpicking locks and the feeling of successfully picking that first lock filled me with achievement and pride.
The course itself is tailored to meet your skill level and there was no pressure or judgement as Dave encouraged me and spurred me on to develop my techniques, knowledge and skillset.
As a trainer Dave goes above and beyond to vastly improve yourself not only in your skill but your knowledge and understanding of the industry with continuous support both directly and through his website and forums. I can not thank Dave enough for how and what he has done for my development as well as the help to getting setup.
For anybody whom may be unsure, I advise you to simply contact Dave and you will be glad you did.
Much appreciation Dave (bravo).
Posted by Steve Bell on 12 January 2020
4 day course
I first met Dave when i went to have a look around the workshop and have a chat with him to see what he can offer. Soon as I stepped inside his workshop I was hooked, you can tell how passionate Dave is about locks with his vast collection of locks and tools, literally a locksmiths paradise. Then to top it off Dave is a top bloke, very easy to get on with and says it how it is. The thing that will stick with me is when I completed my training which was brilliant is Dave insisted I contact him if I get stuck with anything, if I get a new tool I need demonstrating he would show me. When I was on the course he would get messages from previous trainees for advise and Dave was happy to help them, well 1 day I may need him and I'm confident Dave will be there. This guy loves to produce quality locksmiths and keep in touch with them throughout their development. So glad I chose to be trained by Dave, cant wait to tell him when I've completed my first job.
many many thanks Dave
Posted by Paul hunt on 14 December 2019
Completed the course with Dave a couple of weeks ago, very hands on has you picking locks by hand and gun on the first day.Then everything else associated with locksmithing that you can thing of and a lot you cant think of. Can’t recommend him enough, any advice I’ve needed so far he’s been there to help.
thanks Dave
Posted by James smith on 12 December 2019
4 day course
Great course, would definitely recommend. Dave was very helpful and easy to get on with.
The course and workshop is in a good location with lots of shops etc close by and very easy to find.
A wide veriety of tools were provided for me to practice with, which I also got to keep to help me in the future on jobs.
Thanks again Dave.
Posted by Michael Wright on 11 December 2019
4 day course
Brilliant course, couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone looking to take up the trade! Dave’s expertise and knowledge is second to none and he is always there to help you going forward. The tools you get on the course are fantasic and will help me in the future. Great course, many thanks Dave 👍
Posted by Martin Rea on 10 November 2019
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