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4 day locksmith course
Just completed 4 day course with Dave, such a cool guy I was quite worried at first being completly new to locksmithing, but Dave made me feel comfortable and taught me straight away, picking Euro locks, , bypassing locks, picking mortice locks, bumping, snapping, spreading / airbags, opening numerous upvc doors loads of differnt ways, etc pretty much everything u need to get u goin, would recommend this guy to anyone just need to add to my tool kit and get goin thanks pal, much appreciated
Posted by Wesley on 10 May 2018
Ive just completed the four day locksmith course with Dave and thoroughly enjoyed it, it's clear to see that he is very passionate about what he does and he has passed that passion onto me i feel like a competent locksmith down to his training. you cover everything to do with locksmithing on the course and to boot you get a good set of locksmith tools many of which Dave makes himself, and he goes through every tool and shows you how to use it. you also get to open actual doors on the course and not just locks in a vice. Top Bloke, thanks so much Dave.
Posted by Dillon Lockett on 03 May 2018
I Recently completed the four day locksmith course with Dave. Had a brilliant week, learned so much. With the course being one to one i felt i could ask whatever questions i needed and got the answers of Dave everytime, most times 2 or 3 different answers to my question, brilliant course, covered everything to do with locksmithing. I Can’t stop picking locks, it’s addictive!😁
Thanks for a really great week Dave
Posted by miss SEBrown on 17 April 2018
Locksmith course
I've just finished the 4 day locksmith training course with Dave because I wanted to learn everything. What Dave teaches you may not sink in straight away so be patient, persist at it and follow what Dave tells you and you,ll be amazed at what you can do with the tools of the trade. It really is the best course ive ever been on and ive been on a fair few, what you learn is really amazing. Many thanks Dave
Posted by Ian Dillon on 12 March 2018
Locksmith training
I've just completed a 5 day training course with Dave, did the 4 day course with an added install day. Best course I've ever been on and being ex forces I've done plenty of courses. One on one locksmith training, the latest locks and techniques. Dave was very open about the business. Gave me some great advice which I hope to take forward as I start out on my own.
I will be back when I get new tools and Dave will always welcome you back to the workshop for a bit of a helping hand.

I looked around at various courses and locations and value for money. This is the best value for money by a country mile. Some of the tools Dave makes for you are incredible. Words can't do justice to how good he is.

You won't regret it if you decide to train with Dave.

Many thanks Dave
Posted by Luke Roberts on 04 March 2018
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