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Amazing 4 Day Locksmith course
I have just completed the 4 day intensive locksmith course with Dave, and I can say without a doubt that I feel very confident about starting a successful career in Locksmithing now after fininshing the course.

Dave is an amazing trainer and doesn't hold back anything, all the little tips and tricks he shows you is mind blowing at times, and makes you think your cheating when it comes to opening certain locks as he makes it look so easy.

Plus the extra benefit that he is always at the end of the phone for help and allows you to go back to go over things again, is just the cherry on the cake, top guy and 100% recommend the course to anyone who is wanting to make the change in career to locksmithing.

5 Star rating, easily the best course ive been on
Many thanks Dave.
Posted by Chris Cann on 25 February 2021
What a brilliant 4 day training course Dave does and WOW what a great guy Dave is. The 1-2-1 training is great and really the only way to learn as you can really make the most of the 4 days training. There is so much I have learned from Dave, it really gives you confidence to start your locksmithing career the right way. This is definitely the best course I could find and you won’t regret it. What is great as well is u get plenty of paper work to look through that includes the things u have learned an the free tool box and tools that come in very handy and are essential. You can also go back and practice in the future on anything if your unsure or if you forget anything and also if your stuck he’s only a phone call away.
Posted by Robert young on 11 February 2021
4 Day Locksmithing course
What a Great course gives you everything you need... to have the knowledge to start in the industry... every day is broken into sections of different locks and techniques with a step by step process so its not overwhelming as you learn.. you practice what you've learnt with Dave by your side building up your confidence. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn locksmithing and gain new skills. Dave also points you in the right direction to gain work in the industry.
Posted by Mark Dixon on 10 February 2021
4 day training course
I have recently completed a 4 day training course. Fantastic! Daves experience and expert knowledge makes him the ideal teacher and he explains things in a manner that is easy to understand...Lots of practical work,and LOTS of locks for you to pick,and because the training is 1-2-1 theres no waiting your turn to ask a question.The free toolkit is great,and along with the paperwork he gives you with all the info you need to start your own business, you have the perfect start on the road to locksmithing.....The extra bonus is that Dave offers free aftercare,so if you are ever stuck he is only a phone call away. And he offers you the chance to return at any time in the future to go over things again. I looked at other courses but this was by far the most comprehensive one I could find! Book now,you wont regret it!
Posted by Mark Bloor on 16 January 2021
Four Day Course
I have recently completed the four-day training course with Locksmith Training Merseyside. I would highly recommend this course, as Dave’s wealth of knowledge is phenomenal. The four days were spent learning all the tricks of the trade, using both theory and practical training aids, and even going out on a job. The standard of equipment and facilities provided are exceptional as is the ability to gain continued support and training. The tools and information you acquire on the course allow you to pursue a locksmith career with confidence.
Posted by Lee Bamber on 13 November 2020
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