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Though many locksmiths have a tale to tell, many may not be so willing to speak of ones where they saw things that were unpleasant to say the least. A good example of this is where an American locksmith was sent by a mortgage company to pick a lock of a home that had been recently repossessed. On opening the door, the locksmith found 31 dead animals, comprising of 2 dogs and 29 cats. All had been starved to death.

This kind of incident is something that is almost impossible to prepare for, yet can happen to any locksmith. To that end,Locksmith Training Merseyside recommend that you take the following precautions.

Never Assume an Easy Job.
Though you may get a call from a mortgage company or a similar body and that the property they want you to work on is empty, never assume that it will be easy. Vacant properties may not contain 31 dead animals, but other nasty surprises maybe in store.

Notify Someone about the Job.
Always notify someone where you are going and when you get there, and when you can expect to be finished. Should something happen which leaves you incapacitated, someone will be informed and know to investigate should you be longer than expected.

Always ask as for as much detail as you can about a job that is unusual. The more information you have the better. It could well be the case that you turn the job down or demand extra payment if there are risks to you, or the scene is likely to be a harrowing one.

Should you discover something unpleasant inform the authorities straight away. The world is a better place if people that kill 31 animals through starvation are brought to justice. A locksmiths job can be harrowing

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