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If you have a problem with your lock /door then get a professional locksmith to look at it , theyve seen the problem and repaired it many times before.

Dont mess with it, and then call out a Locksmith, call one out First.

If you are looking to purchase new locks for your UPVC door, there are a few important points you need to take into consideration. UPVC doors are a very common feature in modern homes and with so many different manufacturers it can be hard to identify the locking mechanism used in your door if you ever need to replace it. It is essential that you purchase the exact right type of mechanism; otherwise, the door may not latch properly, meaning you have done more harm than good. In order to determine the type of UPVC door lock you will need, you need to know the manufacturer of your door, as well as the model and any markings.


Tips For Purchasing a Replacement.

Typically,  UPVC door manufacturers stick a small range of different kinds of locks for UPVC doors. This can narrow down the search for a replacement lock if you are aware of the manufacturer. Search the door for a label either near the foot or the head of the door. Secondly, you will need to identify the actual UPVC door lock mechanism used in your door. Some of the more popular manufacturers include Maco, Yale, Lockmaster, Avocet, Mila, Era, Saracen, and Winkhaus. These are all quality lock manufacturers and it is usually best to replace your current lock with a lock from the same manufacturer if possible.

If you have a lock that needs to be replaced, you will need to know the measurements of your broken lock. If the lock you are replacing is multi-point, you will also need to know the position of each point in the door as well. This way the door still functions as it is meant to, while providing your family the safety and security you have come to expect. A UPVC door lock barrel is very easy to replace, so you will not need any special hardware other than a screw driver to install it usually, sometimes they are held in place with a small grub screw, but more often a long bolt is used.


Can UPVC door locks be repaired?.

The answer is yes and no. Sometimes all that is wrong with a lock is a broken spring that engages the locking mechanism after the key is turned. While this is an easy repair for someone who is familiar with locks, getting the parts is often harder than going out and spending a few pounds to purchase an entirely new lock.

UPVC locks are cheaper than their metal counterparts, so if you are experiencing a problem with your current lock, it is probably a better bet to purchase a similar replacement than to try and repair your current lock.

Locksmiths can repair the lock if you do not want to go through the hassle of changing the lock yourself, but it is more likely the locksmith will replace the lock and charge you for the installation service instead of repairing your existing lock.


Upvc Door Closing and Locking Problems

Before rushing out to buy a new door it is advisable to examine the cause of the locking or closing problem. The most common cause of Upvc Door Closing and Locking Problems is misalignment of the door and frame. Misalignment can be caused by a variety of factors, but the two main causes are worn hinges and incorrectly packed door panels or glass.

How to check if your Upvc Door is out of alignment:

Take a look at the mitres on the door and frame, do they line up with each other?

Place a Spirit Level on the top of the door, is the door level?

Measure diagonally from corner to corner and note the difference in the measurements.

Open the door slightly and take a look down the edge of the door on the lock side, is the gap between the frame and the door consistent all the way down or is it smaller at the top than the bottom?

These are all simple ways to check if the door is out of alignment with the frame.


Adjusting the Door on the Hinges

Most modern doors have “Flag Hinges” that have “up and down” and “in and out” adjustment options. Older doors may have “Butt Hinges” fitted that offer very limited adjustment options.


Adjusting the Flag Hinge

1. Lateral Adjustment

2.  Height Adjustment or Compression Adjustment

Height adjustment can either be top of hinge adjustment or side of hinge adjustment depending on the make and model of the hinge.

Remove the plastic plug and insert an Allen Key into the hole, turn the Allen Key until the door starts to pull back towards the hinge side of the frame. Note how many turns you have completed and adjust the middle hinge by the same amount until the door is level with the frame. Keep checking after every adjustment to see if the door is closing and locking correctly.

If the door still catches on the bottom of the frame or is difficult to lock then you may need to raise the door by removing the plastic cover  and adjusting all of the hinges up by the same amount until the door closes and locks correctly. Please ensure that you mark the position of the adjuster until you have determined which one is the height adjustment. This can easily be determined by closing the door and turning adjuster, if the door moves towards you or away from you the adjustment is Compression, If the door moves up or down the adjuster is the height.


Upvc Door Closing and Locking Problems

If the door has been fully adjusted and still does not close or lock correctly there are a couple of things that you may want to try. The first is to adjust the bottom hinge away from the door. This will lift the door on the lock side, but be aware that sending the door out at he bottom will also narrow the gap between the lock and the bottom keepers and any over adjustment may make the lock or door hit the frame or keepers. The second thing you can try is to move the keepers down until they are in line with the Latch, locking Bolts, Hooks and or rollers.


Butt Hinges

Butt hinges have very little adjustment options. The old type of Butt Hinges have an Allen Key grub screw that holds the hinge pins in position. To adjust these type of hinges, remove the grub screw(s) and turn the hinge pins with an Allen Key to pull the door towards the hinge side of the frame. The hinge may have just one grub screw and pin or may have two.


The newer type of Butt Hinges have cross head adjusters and can be easily adjusted with a screwdriver.

If the door will not line up with the frame after adjustment then it may need to be toe and heeled, for Toe and Heeling upvc doors and windows infomation see the page below this one.


Contact locksmith training merseyside, to do one of our courses were as part of the course we will show you how to adjust upvc doors.


What are some of the problems associated with UPVC locks?.

While UPVC locks are cheaper than metal locks, they are not without their share of problems. UPVC is a flammable material and will burn just as wood will. UPVC has a lower melting point than metal and while this is not a traditional problem, it could present a problem in the event your family needs to escape from the home due to fire.

Some of the UPVC door lock problems encountered by owners through every day use include euro-cylinders getting stuck or refusing to budge, resulting in the key not working, the spring to the multi-point parts of the lock breaking so these do not function, and the mushroom rollers not coming into contact properly with the rest of the lock. Most of these are a quick fix and do not require full replacement of the lock, though the extent of the problem can only be determined once the lock has been removed from the door. If there is a problem with the mechanism inside the door and the door is a sealed unit, the entire door may need to be replaced.


Which UPVC locks are best?.

As with anything you buy, you want to make sure you are getting a quality product that will function exactly the way you want. The previous brands mentioned at the beginning of the article all produce quality UPVC locks in several different styles, including mushroom roller, roller, deadbolt, and small hook locks. The type of lock you purchase will depend on the type of door you need to place it in. For front doors, the deadbolt style of lock is recommended. For screen doors and sliding glass doors, mushroom rollers and small hooks are usually sufficient. Remember, if you are replacing the lock in your current door, you will need to purchase the same type of lock that you are replacing, otherwise the locking mechanism might not function properly and this is something you want to avoid when taking the safety of your family into consideration.

we here at locksmith training merseyside can show you how to repair / replace upvc door locks and teach you how to replace the mechanisims and locks.

Contact Dave on 01744 613202 / 07916262239 or email dmlocksmithsschool@yahoo.co.uk for more infomation

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