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The best lock picks in the world



I have been in the locksmithing business for decades now. 

In the years between then and now, I've seen many tools come and go, and with that many different shops, many different suppliers, and all manner of manufacturers. In a free market economy, competition creates quality, it inspires innovation, and promotes good customer relations. Those able to maintain a decent level of all of these metrics tend to rise to the top. Those that take their eye off the ball, inevitably crumble and disappear. 


And yet, now and again, rarely though, in fact, someone comes along who resets the rules, redefines the scale by which all the others are measured. There's something about them, their attitude, their products and their passion that absolutely demands attention. Historically there are many such outliers; in music there was Bach, in boxing, there was Ali, in automobiles there's Rolls Royce, in science, Einstein. In lock picking it's German pick-wizards, MULTIPICK.


In January 1997 with the clear and simple aim of supplying premium lock picking tools at decent prices, Bernd Jacobi put his dream into action. Dismayed at the low quality of products available and a lack of decent, knowledgeable customer service, Bernd realized his vision, to "market top-quality tools that benefit the customer". With such succinct intent, Multipick knew as long as they stuck to this idea, they could become the perfect producer.

With prudence and foresight, coupled with a passion for the craft and a desire to maintain excellence, Multipick soon established themselves as a premium brand that could be trusted. They soon built up a global reputation and established themselves as a permanent, reliable, and renowned presence in the market, successfully manufacturing their own outstanding quality tools for decades now. 


Multipick is situated in Bonn, Germany, and all their tools are produced there under strict quality control. You only need to see a set from say, their ELITE range to understand why they have such an incredible reputation. The attention to detail is quite amazing, second to none in fact, and yes, I have seen all the competition.


"The nicest and most complete lock pick set I've ever seen" written - Bosnian Bill on Multipick's ELITE Super lock pick set.

With any of the Multipick tools you are immediately struck by their immaculate and precise design. These picks have not been compromised on the way. Every item they produce looks, feels and performs like a tool that has been manufactured to realize an idea. For lock pickers everywhere this is a dream. You just get the sense their products have found all the necessary solutions from the drawing board to the customer, meaning what was created through knowledge, experience and know-how at inception stage, has been perfectly actualized in manufacture. Their kit is so hot, it's bordering on the pornographic.



 The feedback from trainees about Multipick tools stands out in both frequency and intensity. People are like 'I never thought a set of picks could be this amazing' - an actual quote from a customer who ended his email "I might have to buy a duplicate set, one to use, the other to just worship!"


The quality and attention to detail that can be found across their range is reassuringly mirrored in their slick, well-oiled and no hassle ordering process. They are just such a pleasure to deal with, and impressively, always open to constructive criticism, suggestions and feedback. Everything about this company is a refreshing and very welcome level of excellence and professionalism that the rest of the field could learn from.

Multipick's repinnable cut-away training lock is An actual BKS lock, better quality than what most people have in their doors! The finishing is simply perfect.

Let's take a look at their ELITE 27 Piece set. Each lock pick bears the Multipick logo and are individually numbered. The beautifully designed wrap-up case is a work of art in itself, with each pick fitting snug in it's place, and protected in the slot made specifically for it. The presentation of this product is a dream and I have seen grown men swoon simply opening the case and beholding the quality of the workmanship inside. The leather, the stitching, the overall finishing, wouldn't be out of place on a Channel or a Gucci bag, this is just wonderful workmanship, and makes you feel as if your skills are being given the respect they deserve, the hours you've put in practicing are reflected in every way possible - you get the sense they were made just for you!


The machining of each and every pick is simply perfect. The finishing is at an exquisite level you just don't see elsewhere in this business, with the actual picking tips reflecting an obvious wealth of technical talent when it comes to non-destructive opening of locks. Each pick bears the part number - and are arranged all facing the right way, and numbered in a perfect sequence. The quality of the steel is incredibly durable and tough. They do not let out the exact metal details, but after some tests I can tell you this is almost certainly 301 stainless, and the finest quality 301 at that. On the back of each pick beneath the individual serial number is the year it was made. 

Named, numbered, dated. Incredible!

This level of dedication, passion, precision, and craftsmanship is not reserved just for this ELITE 27 piece kit. Multipick maintain everything that is wonderful about this set all the way through their entire range. There are no weak links - you know such a thing wouldn't be tolerated. They have a strategy to create the best lock picks possible, and whether you're buying one pick, a tension tool, or a lock pick set - premium quality is what you're going to get, every time. You are not dreaming!


Their KRONOS Electric Pick Gun is another item that just screams quality. Even if it was just a question of how effective it is at opening locks - I would have to rate the KRONOS way out in front of all competition. But there's more. The build quality, the durability, the appearance, the gentle purring of its functioning, the purpose built case. The KRONOS is a pure lock opening machine with all the style of a classic car - absolutely wunderbar!



So take a look at the Multipick range, and if you're looking to replace your old picks or just looking to treat yourself - or someone else - to a new level of lock picking quality, that will last for years to come - look no further, because, there's really nothing out there beyond them.


The quality is premium throughout the entire Multipick range.

In my opinion , multi pick make the best lock tools in the world, take a look and see if you agree.





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