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The Disc Detainer Padlock How To Pick Guide.


Before You Start:

Inside the padlock are a number of discs and a side bar. The discs have a groove on them which when all are aligned with the side bar allow the lock to open. It is a good idea to take apart a disc detainer padlock so that you have a good knowledge of the inside parts. This way you can visualise what the pick is doing and what it needs to do to open the padlock.

The Disc Detainer Pick:

Insert the pick into the padlock and apply some clockwise turning tension on the handles of the disc detainer pick.

Push the picking section of the detainer pick into the padlock attempting to feel each of the discs within the lock. Turn each one clockwise until they cannot turn any further.

Now locate the first disc again and rotate it anti-clockwise slowly. You will feel this rubbing against the side bar of the padlock.

After you turn that disc and feel it rubbing against the side bar there will come a point where you feel the side bar fall into the groove on the disc. Once you have located that groove/notch do not rotate it any further. Move the pick on to the next disc and repeat the anti-clockwise movement of that disc until the side bar aligning with the groove is felt.

Repeat this with each disc. Once all grooves have been found the main handles of the pick will be able to rotate and open the padlock. Because you have been applying tension on those handles throughout you will know when all the discs are properly aligned because you will feel the tool move as the handles turn.


The PadLock Won’t Open.

If you think you might have missed the groove simply rotate the disc clockwise again until it will not turn any further and then repeat the anti-clockwise movement again trying to find that groove.


The discs might require to be turned clockwise and anti-clockwise a few times almost like fine tuning them before they are all aligned. With practice though you will get better at detecting when the grooves are properly aligned with the side bar.


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