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1. Dont charge the full prices that you,d usually charge on your own work. Discount your rates and also materials a bit. This will lead to more future work being passed your way.

2. Dont overcharge for locks etc. Were all in the same game, you cant start charging over the odds for a lock, the locksmith youre subbing for will know how much it costs. Be fair but dont take the piss. Ie dont charge someone £20 for an Bird rim cylinder etc, if youre not sure what to charge then ask the locksmith who,s subbing you the work, whats acceptable.

3. Dont ask what locks are on the door. If the locksmith giving you the work is in another part of the country he wont know will he, use Google maps if you want to try and get an idea of what door / lock it is, but this is not correct all the time, Google maps can be years out of date.

4. Dont charge more because it took you longer than expected because of your lack of ability.The locksmith who subbed you the work will know how long a job should take. Sometimes it can go over but just swallow it and put it down to experience.

5. Dont lie about what you have done, if you ever get caught invoicing for an Avocet ABS cylinder then the locksmith who subbed you the work found out it was a cheap Sterling cylinder you fitted then other lockies will get to hear about it and no one will pass work to you again, certainly not the lockie who subbed you the job in the first place.

6. Dont ever tell the customer how much your charging for subbing or let them see paperwork with prices on.

7. Make sure get all paperwork signed and returned to the locksmith who subbed you the work.

8. Don,t start handing out your cards to every customer you get sent to, to try and get the work for yourself. Its not worth biting the hand that feeds you. If someone wants your card be honest and explain the situation that youve subbed the work from another lockie. This builds trust and also you,ll probably get more work from that locksmith. DONT TRY AND SNIPE WORK.

9. Be patient when waiting for payments, no point in threatening when theyve gone one or two days over, give the guy a reasonable time over the stated date to pay.

10. If your subbing work to others then try to pay when you say you will, if you cant pay on time then phone them and keep them in the loop, it,ll go a long way to establishing trust.

11 If you take on a job out of your area dont start charging extra for travelling unless you have agreed it first, dont add it on afterwards it,ll look sneaky.

12. Treat all jobs you attend as one of your own, be polite, tidy etc.

13. Want more subbing work then get to know the locksmiths in your area. Its easier to ring someone to do a job for you if you already have an idea of who they are.

14. Get your invoices and paperwork sent in quickly, that way you wont lose paperwork.

15. Dont write your prices on the clients paperwork or let them see paperwork with prices on.

16. If it all goes wrong or you get stuck, ring the locksmith who subbed you the job for help. Anyone subbing work out just wants the job done so they will help you if they can, same if you get to the job and its different to whats been expected, phone the lockie who you got the job from and tell em, always keep them in the loop if something goes wrong.

17. Get a work completion form signed so you have a record for future use or comebacks.

18. Sometimes you will end up doing a job only to just about break even because of the time, travel etc. It happens but think of how much future work you can get from the person you are subbing for.

19. Help others out if you can, it means a lot to someone with a contract to get a job covered. If you put yourself out they will remember it and return the favour in the future.

20. Don't take on a job you are not skilled enough or equipped to do. We all learn on the job every day, but do it on your own time not someone else's. It looks bad for the whoever you are working for if you turn up then cant do the job or you cock it up. If you cant do the job or have never done that job then its better to be honest and turn it down the locksmith passing you the work will think better of you in the future.

21. Be on time, be where you need to be when you agreed to be there. Even better plan to be there a bit early, it aways looks better with the customer.









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