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First thing is to do your homework. Where are you going to be working and what’s the market like. How many locksmiths are there in the area you’ll be working. Some areas are over populated with locksmiths and you may struggle to make it.
If you think the area can support the services of a locksmith then you need to think about what services you will be offering, and more importantly what services are required by the customers. Will you be doing domestic work or commercial. Auto? Safes? Access Control? Electrical security etc. There are so many facets to locksmithing and areas of specialisation that you can get into once the basics have been covered that you need to formulate a business plan and be realistic with your costs!

If you want to undertake a locksmithing course then again do your homework. Speak to as many people as you can and try to get referrals from people who have undertaken courses previously to see what they think. Talk to the training provider (and visit their premises if possible) – find out their background and the amount of experience they have. Are they trading locksmiths themselves enabling them to provide feedback “from the coal face”? It’s scary to note that some people set up as training companies after only recently having taken a short course themselves!.

Here at locksmith training merseyside  we can give you advice on setting up as a locksmith beacuse we have done it our selves and are still trading as a locksmith.

One word of warning relating to training courses – beware of courses that try to sell you tools. The tools you’ll need will very much depend on the type of work you’ll be doing and also the area of the country you’re based in. Locksmiths have cupboards full of shiny tools that have cost a small fortune and yet never been used. Choose wisely once you know what you need, and some tools you may actually be able to make yourself.
In other words – make sure you go in with your eyes wide open, its not as easy a profession as some training companys make out, but with the right training you,ll be on the right path.

Here at locksmith training merseyside we can advise on the tools you will need and the tools that will be stuck at the back of your van wasting money for years and years, because we have already made that mistake ourselves.



Where are you going to be based ?

How many locksmiths are there already in that area?
What type of locksmith work is required? ( i.e domestic/commerical,areas of specialism ( auto, safes, access control, emergency etc… )
What investment is required?
What about the business skills – do you have them or the budget to buy them in?


Who to get your training from is something that needs to be thought about when considering becoming a locksmith.


Our opinion on choosing a Locksmith training provider

Once you’ve done your research and have decided that locksmithing is a viable career path, careful consideration needs to go into choosing where you get your training from, as there is a lot of good quality training out there, but unfortunately a lot of poor quality training too.

Choose a training provider wisely, don’t just go for the cheapest, be wary of any courses offering huge discounts, there will be discounts for a reason! Most likely lack of interest! Value is whats important, go and vist the premises if you can and have a good look round, check out their feedback from previous trainees.

Research what is included in the price of the course.

Being provided with locksmithing equipment/tools may not be as beneficial as first thought. For example tools will depend on the kind of locks you encounter, which inturn is determined in a lot of instances by geographical location. You may therefore end up with tools that you never use, we at locksmith training merseyside will advise you on the best and the worse locksmith tools out there.

Don’t believe everything you hear.

Get testimonials, visit the company, ask questions and find what is going to work best for you.


To sum it up, don’t believe the hype!


web sites

Get some websites going it doesnt need to be expensive but use people that you can trust. you can have a lovely website but if nobody can find it youve wasted your money. Register on as many free directories as you can as this costs you nothing but time and if you get work out of it thats a bonus even if you dont people will start looking at your website and so you will benefit from getting traffic to your website.

 I personally wouldnt bother with yellow pages or thompson local type directories, these days no one uses them, its all about the internet, think about it, if your locked out, your yellow pages are locked in the house, the first thing your gunna turn to is your mobile phone, plus you get a listing in them for free away, so no need to pay .

Contact your local chamber of commerce and get as much good free advice as you can theres so much to learn from those already established, Ask me as many questions as you like, Im always here online or at the end of the phone, Thats were one to one training comes into its own, you can ask the questions that you may think are silly and not feel stupid ,like you might do if there was a group of you getting trained, That silly question might mean the difference between getting a lock open and walking away from a job out in the real world.


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