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Top Tips for Home Security.


There are many cost effective ways to secure your home. Locksmith Training Merseyside, have put together the following list of simple tips for home security to help beat the burglar.


Safe Practice.

Never open the door to unknown visitors. Fit a door viewer (peep / spy hole) or a door chain and take a look at who is at your door before opening it.

Don’t leave keys on the inside of door locks or window ledges near the door as burglars can break a window and reach inside and unlock the door.

Remove keys from view and keep them in a safe place.

Don’t leave your name and address on any key tags. If you lose your keys away from the home they could fall into the wrong hands.

Never have name tags on your keys left in the home, a burglar will know what keys are for what door.

Always clean round the outside of any locks, that way if a burglar looks at the door he cant tell if a lock hasnt been used , if there cobwebs round it , then it means that the lock isnt locked.


Physical Security.

Have window locks fitted. Keep your windows locked, especially those on the ground floor or easily accessible due to flat roofs, for example.

The home office recommends fitting 5 lever deadlocks to all external doors. You should have or upgrade locks to British Standard BS 3621:2004.

Sheds and outbuildings are very vulnerable to theft and as a result you should have a substantial lock and padlock or padbolt in place. All valuables should be kept locked up inside sheds and outbuildings and remember never to leave expensive garden equipment outside. Use a chain and padlock to secure ladders and other equipment that may be used to break in to your property.


Other Deterrents.

Gravel or pebbles on driveways warn you when someone is approaching your house. Burglars know this and it therefore acts as a deterrent.

Fit blinds to windows. Venetian blinds or vertical blinds can act as a significant deterrent as they are noisy obstacle for burglars attempting to gain entry.

Preferably install an alarm system or at least fit an external dummy alarm box in a prominent position on the outside of the house.

Join your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme and display the Neighbourhood Watch and CCTV in operation stickers.

Cut back hedges and trees near to your house to make it difficult for burglars to conceal themselves.

Property marking can act as a good deterrent as the markings make it difficult for a burglar to sell on your goods.

Time light switches with motion detection act as a good deterrent to burglars, as there is no where for a burglar to hide.


When Away From The Home.

If you want your house to appear occupied:

Use a timer switch to have a radio come on and off to give the impression there is someone home.

Use timer switchers to switch lights on and off and suitable times of the day and night.

Do not leave curtains drawn during the day.

Cancel your milk and papers.

ask a neighbour to keep a watch on your property, while you are away.


Home Security When You're Away

Burglers always look for signs that a house is uninhabited -- and the longer the house is empty, the more vulnerable it becomes. Follow these tips for keeping your house secure while you're away:

If your plans to be away from home have been publicized through a funeral, wedding, or similar newspaper notice, hire a house sitter. Burglars often read the newspapers to see who's planning to be away from home all day or for several days.

If you're going to be away from home for several days -- or even for just one day -- adjust your telephone ring to its lowest volume. An unanswered phone is a quick tip that your home is empty.


Protecting Your Valuables
The most obvious way to protect your valuables is to store them in a safe-deposit box or in a secure home safe that is too heavy to be moved. When buying a wall safe, be sure it's fireproof. If you don't want to invest in a safe, other less-expensive alternatives can limit theft potential:

A chiseled-out space in the top of a door makes a great "safe" for small valuables.

Devise a hiding place in an acoustical ceiling. Remove a tile and restore it afterward with magnetic fasteners or a similar device. Be careful not to leave finger marks.

Hollow out the leg of a table or chair for hiding small objects. Drill from the bottom, then cap all the legs with rubber tips.

Avoid obvious places such as mattresses, drawers, inside figurines, behind pictures, and under carpets.

Locksmith training merseyside offers a home security check program that includes lock inspection, advice on protective measures, and use of an engraving tool to mark a code number that will identify your valuables in case of theft. Call Dave on 01744 613202 to find out more.


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