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Floppy upvc door handles


UPVC door handles that become floppy, stiff, loose, wobbly are a common issue that our locksmiths come across.  Find out why your uPVC door handle has become loose, the price to repair a floppy handle & if a new door handle will be required.


1. uPVC Door handle is loose & floppy – Why is this?

If your uPVC Door handle has gone floppy this is usually because of a problem with your uPVC gearbox and internal parts of the multipoint lock which are inside the door, in between the door handles.


Door Handle is Floppy Because:

Handle is floppy because of a faulty gearbox usually a broken spring

Handle has gone loose because of a broken spring cassette in the handle

Non-repairable wear has caused uPVC door handle to become loose.

Poor installation of uPVC door.


We recommend find a locksmith in your area who should be able to work out the problem over the phone, he should be asking you some questions to enable him to figure out the problem and then suggest a solution.


If your door handle is floppy when your door is open this is because of a faulty upvc gearbox which is in the process of wearing out and may even be completely broken down.

Occasionally the upvc door handle spring components may even have worn out, as the handle could have been installed originally without all the important components or because it is the incorrect specification of handle for that door.


Solution to repair problem

Most cases of floppy handles when the door is open indicates an internal breakdown of the uPVC gearbox, so a replacement gearbox will be required.

A replacement uPVC gearbox to solve a floppy handle will cost from £145 to £280 including labour.

View our locksmith price list for more on hourly labour rates & call out charges.

a Floppy/Loose Door handle can be a faulty uPVC gearbox


Door is Closed and My uPVC Door Handle is Loose

When a door is closed shut & the handle is loose, the most common cause is a faulty uPVC gearbox.

Solution to repair problem

This will require a replacement uPVC gearbox.

A replacement uPVC gearbox is likely to cost from £145 to £280 including labour.


Can’t Open Door My uPVC Door Handle is Loose

If the door is stuck closed with a loose handle & you can’t open your door this will be because of a faulty uPVC gearbox.

Solution to repair problem

A replacement uPVC gearbox will be required OR the entire uPVC locking strip needs replacing.

This type of door handle problem will require specialist locksmith opening techniques that open the door with the absolute minimum of damage.


How a Locksmith Will Solve a Closed Door with Floppy Handle

After opening the door, the locksmith will dismantle of all the door’s working parts (visible vertically along the door edge), replace the main centre unit and sometimes the complete uPVC door locking strip.

Finally, your door will be checked & adjusted so that the handle is no longer loose and works properly.


2. How much does it cost to repair a floppy/loose door handle?

The approx price to repair a worn out floppy uPVC door handle will depend on the cause of the problem.

Faulty uPVC gearbox – a replacement gearbox causing the floppy door handle is likely to cost from £145 to £280 including labour, price will be dependent on the make of gearbox.

Replace Faulty/Broken uPVC Door Handle – a floppy door handle at fault may cost from £20 for a replacement handle plus labour, a high security handle will cost from £40 plus labour.


3. Will I need to replace the entire uPVC door handle?

Occasionally the door handle may be at fault if it is loose or floppy and you need to replace it, but most times the handle will not need replacing.


My Worn uPVC Handle is Old

If your uPVC door handle or lock are quite old and worn it would be recommended to change at the same time as repairing the floppy handle, this will reduce the chance of further problems in the future.

Here at locksmith training merseyside we cover replacing upvc door handles, gearboxes and mechs as part of our courses .

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