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Let's get straight into this: Using a CIRCULAR TENSION TOOL with a PICK GUN or when RAKING LOCKS, will improve your success rate by around 28%.

So if you had 200 locks - and a Pick Gun or Rakes - you're going to pick an additional 56 locks by using a CIRCULAR TENSION TOOL. Lovely!

How do I know this? Because we all sat around one night - and did the tests!!

Huge numbers - and you're right to be excited. You may have heard people say "lock picking is 99% tensioning" - which is correct. And although such hyperbolic statements can be somewhat confusing, the bottom line is, using the WRONG tension tool - may cost you 56 locks in every 200 you pick. Not good.

The Multipick Circular Tension Tool - Complete with adjustable inserts is probably the best one you can buy, the adjustable inserts are for different locks, Wafer etc

So let's have a look at CIRCULAR TENSION TOOLS and see how YOU can improve your lock picking, INSTANTLY by a WHOPPING 28%.

CIRCULAR TENSION TOOLS allow you to give the lock a bit more schtick! There's little chance of it falling out while you vigorously rake or repeatedly pull that pick gun trigger (both electric and manual).

The SouthOrd Circular Tension Tool with numbered dial, is a very nice tool.

The way you grip them gives you more room and more control, the 'pulsing' required with both modern raking techniques as well as Pick Guns, is much easier to achieve with a CIRCULAR TENSION TOOL, the feedback, the action, the technique, it all lends itself to these techniques, and the proof is in the pudding - give it a go, and let me know!

There is one thats spring-loaded to grip the keyway tighter. You can see how such a tool is perfect if you have chunky fingers and struggle with standard tension tools. you have 2 metal prongs , which you have to cut one down, if your usiong it on euro cylinders or night latches, it then stops that prong touching the first pin in the lock.

 CIRCULAR TENSION TOOLS are especially good for people with BIG FINGERS! We get many people asking about bigger handles on tension tools, well the CIRCULAR TENSION TOOL is exactly that, a BIGGER TENSION TOOL.

They take a bit of getting use to, even more if you have only used the standard bar type of tension tool, my advice is hold it loosely and pulse the tension off and on , like tuning in an old radio.

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