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Most people think about locksmiths when they’re locked out of their property and yes – this is one of the services that a professional locksmith can offer but there are plenty of others too.

For example, if you’ve just moved into a new house then the first thing you should do is change the locks. After all, you don’t know who’s had copies of the keys in the past so why risk it? Rather than purchasing the locks yourselves from the local DIY store (as research has shown that the level of advice available at these stores is dangerously low) then you should contact your local locksmith to come and supply and fit appropriate locks for you,here at Locksmith Training Merseyside we can show you how to fit new locks to your customers  doors and windows


Locksmith for Window Locks.

Of course it’s not only doors that need locks but windows too – so make sure your  locksmith fits your window locks too.


Use a Locksmith for Cutting Keys.

Cutting keys is another area of experience for locksmiths. Why get your keys cut anywhere other than by an experienced, professional locksmiths? But are they  competent for the job at hand,here at Locksmith Training Merseyside we can teach you to cut both cylinder and mortise keys,so you will be very competent at cutting both types.


What Other Services Does a Locksmith offer?

 there are plenty of other services that locksmiths can provide
Security upgrades (additional security such as door bolts, lock upgrades etc.)
Safes – make sure you get a safe that has been professionally specified for your needs and is fitted properly. If this is not done then a thief could walk out with your safe!
Auto work – some locksmiths offer an auto locksmithing service whereby they can get you into your vehicle if you’ve locked the keys in there or cut (and where necessary programme) a new key for your vehicle.
Access control – some professional locksmiths will be able to specify, supply and install electronic access control systems.

Don’t forget that locksmiths can work on domestic and commercial properties ,here at Locksmith Training Merseyside we can teach you all you need to know about domestic and commercial locksmith work.


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