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There are lots of Locksmith Training Centres out there that offer different type's of Locksmith Qualifications / certificates That you get when you complete one of their courses. There are currently NO recognised locksmith qualification's that you can obtain in the UK and there is no industry standards for locksmiths to adhere to.

These locksmith qualifications will not act as a stepping stone for you to obtain  locksmith work. They are simply offered so that some locksmith training centres, are eligible to offer locksmith training to certain organisation's such as the MOD who will fund course places.


NCFE  Level 3 Enhanced  Certificate of Achievement 

City & Guilds?


As above, there are currently NO industry recognised Locksmith Qualifications or locksmith Certificates obtainable in the UK, no matter what you may have been told or read elsewhere. The NCFE in simple terms is an accreditation to the training centre and not the trainee. These are also not recognised by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations (Ofqual) and are therefore non-regulated. The same applies to any City & Guilds locksmith qualifications where these are also not industry recognised.

The locksmith training centre simply pays City and Guilds a set fee per year for them to get a certificate from them, its not recognised by anyone in the locksmith industry, its just a gimmmick to get you to train with them.


Do I have to join a Locksmith Association


There is no obligation to join any locksmith organisation in order to trade as a locksmith. There are numerous locksmith associations available for locksmiths to join in the UK, so choosing one if you wish to join, can be difficult. Some locksmith training centres offer membership to certain locksmiths associations, and some locksmith associations offer locksmith training services. You should know that companies offering membership to associations after completing a locksmith training course, are generally the associations themselves! It is simply a matter of choice if you join a locksmith association, and if you think this would benefit your business, then go ahead .



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