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Burglary Prevention Check List


Perimeter (fences and walls, gardens, garages, outbuildings)

Is the area around the house free from ‘tools’ that an offender could use – ie bricks, rubble, ladders, garden equipment? Yes

Are sheds/garages/outbuildings locked at all times? Yes

Does the perimeter to the front of the house allow good surveillance from the road? Yes

Is there any packaging from expensive items lent up against or poking out of bins – ie from laptops, tablets, phones, games consoles? No

Are vehicles at the premises secured when not in use? Yes

Are items always removed from vehicles when they are not in use – ie laptops, tools, shopping bags, boxes, sat-navs, cash? Yes

If you have a garage, is it used to secure the vehicle(s) in, as opposed to being used as a storage space? Yes


Shell (main building, locks, spare keys, alarms)

Are spare keys left in accessible places – ie under a plant pot, doormat or stone? No

Are ground-floor and accessible windows closed and locked? Yes

If you have euro-cylinder locks on your uPVC doors, do they meet TS 007 (3 star) or Sold Secure Diamond Standard (SS312)? Yes

If there is a burglar alarm is it always used? Yes


Interior (high-value items, keys, timed lighting)

Are doors kept locked with the keys removed, kept out of sight/reach, but to hand in case of emergency? Yes

Does the occupier use timer switches and/or a fake TV unit when leaving the house unoccupied? Yes

Are attractive items such as jewellery, car keys, laptops, iPads, cash and phones kept out of sight? Yes

Are chargers and cables for laptops/iPads kept out of view? Yes

Have you created a written and photographic record of any items of value (financial or sentimental)? Yes

Remember: Most burglaries are opportunistic

Always close and lock doors and windows when you go out – even if just for a short time – and when you go to bed at night. Don’t forget doors into garages or conservatories

Make sure your locks and security measures comply with your insurance requirements. More information can be found at securedbydesign.com and locksmiths.co.uk

Join or start a Neighbourhood or Home Watch scheme! Membership of a scheme is a proven deterrent to burglars

Keep keys, including shed and car keys, in a place where they’re not visible to anyone looking in. Don’t leave keys in the door and never hide a spare key outside

Keep valuables hidden and not visible from windows

Take photos of your valuable items for insurance purposes and keep them with your policy

Window locks and visible burglar alarms can act as a deterrent to criminals

Never leave packaging from new goods visible with your general rubbish. Criminals may see it and target your property

Draw curtains in the evening and leave your lights on a timer switch if you’re going out. Make sure one light is on upstairs

Never give your keys to anyone you do not know well. Change the locks when you move house so that you know exactly who has keys

Never keep large amounts of cash in the house

Consider keeping expensive jewellery, house deeds and other important items in a home safe anchored to the brickwork

Register valuable items free of charge with immobilise.com, a property register that helps police identify your property and catch criminals.

If you need to have your locks repaired or replaced, are wanting to upgrade your security or simply want a security survey then you can get in touch with Dave at locksmith training merseyside

Consider using commercial property recovery systems. Secured by Design has accredited a number of products which use forensic trace, permanent marks or secure internet:

Selectamark – selectamark.co.uk

RedWeb – redwebsecurity.com

SmartWater – smartwater.com

Retainagroup – retainagroup.com

Keyfetch – keyfetch.com

Look at securedbydesign.com for more security tips and recommended products. You can also speak to your local Neighbourhood & Home Watch Association as they may have products available directly from them.

Garden security

Garden security is very important as the garden is an access point into your home. Make sure to secure your garden with lockable gates and walls or substantial fencing. Thorny plants around the perimeter and trellis on top of fences make it harder for an intruder to access your garden. Also, keep your ladder and garden tools locked away, as they can be used by burglars to access your home.

When you go away

Don’t publish your absence on the internet. Status updates, comments and photos on social media can all give away the fact that you are out of your home for an extended period.

Make sure your alarm, if you have one, is set

Put lights on a timer switch to make your house look occupied. Make sure you include at least one upstairs light

You can also get a ‘fake TV’ which can be put on a timer and which gives out a flickering light to mimic a TV. This is an excellent deterrent if placed out of sight lines

Ask a neighbour to push post through your letterbox and take in any deliveries for you. Cancel milk, newspapers and other deliveries if you can

Ask a neighbour to park a car on your drive so that passers-by assume someone is at home

If you have a close friend or relative nearby with a key, ask them to draw your curtains in the evening and back in the morning. Don’t leave the curtains drawn during the day

Don’t display your home address on the outside of your luggage

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