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Electric Lock Picks

Electric lock pick guns are for use in opening pin tumbler locks...A lot of pin tumbler locks. You should never purchase an electric pick in the hope that it will replace an entire pro pick set, It won't. Electric lock picks are expensive and of great value for quickly opening pin tumbler locks quickly. You insert these long pieces of metal (needles or blades) into the lock, In the same way as you would insert a regular lock pick. As the metal blades vibrate, They push the pins up. This works something like raking a lock but much faster. Sometimes electric picks will open the lock in just a few of seconds, and sometimes they won't work at all. Most hobbyists avoid electric lock picks because they take the challenge out of the process. To them, if there's no challenge in defeating a lock it's not truly lock-picking. To other security professionals, The electric lock pick gun is invaluable.

How to use the SouthOrd Electric Lock Pick

This manufacturer produces a high quality 4.5 volt electric lock pick from aircraft aluminum and hard steel construction in a 3 volt and a 4.5 volt version.

Unscrew the two halves of the body and insert 2 C-cell batteries into the 3 volt or 3 C-cell batteries into the 4.5 volt electric pick with the positive ends facing forward.
Install the pick blade between the channel and washer on the pivot arm, and tighten the hex screw.
Adjust the stroke using the Allen wrench to turn the adjusting screw located on bottom of the unit. For most applications, 1/8 inch movement at tip end of picking needle works well.
Spray graphite or graphite oil into the keyway of the lock to loosen any sticky pins. Insert the pick into the lock until it touches the rear of the cylinder, then pull it back slightly - the picking needle must be able to vibrate freely in the key slot, and must be positioned against the pins.
Insert the tension wrench into the keyway below the picking needle. The tension tool is used in place of a key to turn the lock. Apply very light tension on the tool in the direction to unlock the lock. Activate the pick by pushing the button at the top of the unit, touching the needle against the pins as it vibrates.
Do not run the pick constantly, but use start-stop pulsations for the best results. It's best to start using the electric lock pick with simple locks such as desks, file cabinets and inexpensive deadbolts and then work your way up into more precise locks.

One of our favourite cordless pickguns that we use here at locksmith training merseyside is the KLOM cordless pickgun, every locksmith i know has one, Its very easy to use and more often than not opens the lock with no hassle.

We also recommened that a trainee get a lot of practise with manual up and down lockpick guns, Were a cordless battery gun wont open a lock a manual gun might,and plus it,ll not run down its batterys.

Here at locksmith training merseyside we teach our trainees in the art of opening locks using  cordless  and manual pickguns.




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